Karimnagar district was originally known as Elagandala by local people. The district was a major center for Vedic learning and was the heart of the great Shatavahana Empire. Later, the Nizam changed the name to Karimnagar during his regime. The District consists of a population of over 38,96,033 lakh residing in the district, 57 mandals and 1,103 villages spread over in an area of 11,823 sq.kms. It shares borders with Adilabad District in the north, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh in the northeast, Warangal District in the south, Medak District in the southwest and Nizamabad District in the west.

The district headquarters of Karimnagar town is located at a distance of 170kms away from the State capital Hyderabad. The superintendent of police commands a force of approximately 5000 police officers and men working in the Karimnagar District of Andhra Pradesh state in the Republic of India. There are 70 Police Stations, 19 Circles and 6 –Subdivisions existing in Karimnagar District.

The Karimnagar Police is one of the best in the State and got a good name & image. Karimnagar District was one of the strong hold of CPI ML PWG and highly affected with extremists activities in the recent past. Due to the relentless efforts made by the police, the extremist menace has curtailed to the maximum extent. In the similar way Karimnagar Police is also equally best in other branches of policing and got a good name in the state.

The Police force is mainly divided into several important units mentioned below for administrative convenience and also to strengthen the efficiency in crime prevention, detection and for effective and better policing and administration. The units are-

• Administration

• Civil police

• Armed Reserve Police

• Dist. Special Branch

• Naxalite Information bureau

• Public Relation Officer

• District Crime Record Bureau

• District Transport Record Bureau

• Traffic Police

• Communication

• Finger Prints Bureau

• Clues Team

• District Guards

• Central Complaint Cell(CCC)